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Pair-a-Dice Farm: A Family Operation

Welcome to Pair-a-Dice Farm, a family owned farm. We naturally and humanely raise sheep for wool and meat, cattle for beef, angora goats for mohair, and free-range chickens for eggs. We completely process our yarns, from shearing to spinning, on our farm by hand. We also do all of our own dying! We provide USDA inspected lamb meat (our selection of cuts and prices can be found here), beef by the quarter or half cow, and hand-processed fiber in various stages from raw wool to handspun yarn. Handspun yarn purchases can be made via this website. Additionally, to purchase yarn and all of our other products you can visit us at one of the farmers markets that we attend each week. Information on the farmers markets that we attend can be found here.

Our Farm

Pair-a-Dice Farm, owned and operated by Joe & Dawn Hollick and their son Michael, is nestled outside the charming little town of Victoria in Lunenburg Virginia about an hour southwest of Richmond.

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Our Animals

We raise dual purpose sheep for wool and meat and hair sheep for meat. We harvest and process all our fibers for quality and uniqueness. Naturally produced lamb meat is also available.

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Wool Processing

Wool and mohair are naturally renewable resources and are very durable products. We strive to ensure that our animals are raised in a safe, humane, and stress free environment. Raising the animals in this environment helps the animals produce a better fiber for processing into gorgeous quality handspun yarns. Fiber enthusiasts enjoy the wool for knitting, crocheting, frame weaving, and wet or dry felting. We also provide the fleece in any stage of the process inclunding the raw fleece or roving for hand spinners. The wool can be made into wearable products, home insulation, or home decor. The possibilities are endless.

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