Shiitake Mushrooms

In addition to the numerous animals that we have on our farm, we are growing Shiitake Mushrooms. The process described below is very labor intensive, but it was a great family undertaking.


Preparing the logs

The process began by identifying suitable white oak trees then cutting them down. The trees were then cut to a manageable legnth and holes were drilled in the logs to recieve the mushroom myceleum.



Plugging the logs

Once the spawn was inserted in the holes, the holes were plugged and the logs were stacked so the mushrooms could grow.



Stacking the Logs

The logs are stacked for several months in a cool, shady place amongst the trees.


Soaking the logs

After cultivating for several months, the logs are taken to tubs and soaked in water for several days. They are then removed and returned to their stacked location.



Shiitake Mushrooms Growing

With the logs stacked again, the mushrooms will begin to appear and they will be ready to be harvested.



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